Show/Hide Widgets Based On Devices

Widgets Device Display Option
This is a simple yet sometimes useful Wordpress plugin which automatically shows/hides widgets depending on the current device (desktop, mobile or both) your users are viewing on.

Create Tabbed Child Pages In WordPress

Child Pages Tabs
In this post I'd like to introduce a brand new Wordpress plugin called Child Pages Tabs that allows you to create a vertical or horizontal tabs component containing all the child pages in a parent page.

Copy Media URL With Just One Click

Copy Media URL In Media Library
The WP Copy Media URL plugin provides a Copy Media URL button in all views of media library that makes it easier to copy media URL (images, videos, documents, PDFs, etc) with just one click.

Display Featured Images In The Post List

Display Featured Images In The Post List
The AB Show Thumbs On Post is a Wordpress plugin to create a new column called 'Featured Image' on your All Posts page that displays Featured Images/Post Thumbnails on your admin panel.