Advanced File Manager For WordPress – Filester

Filester is an advanced, professional, user-friendly WordPress file manager to upload, move, copy, download, delete, rename, sort, edit, and filter WordPress files on the admin panel.

More Features:

  • Drag and drop file upload.
  • Context menu.
  • Trash folder.
  • Windows style file & folder view.
  • Preview files.
  • Get file information.
  • Create/extract archives.
  • User Role Restrictions.

Commands Included:

  • mkdir
  • mkfile
  • rename
  • duplicate
  • paste
  • archive
  • extract
  • copy
  • cut
  • edit
  • rm
  • download
  • upload
  • search

How to use it:

1. Just install and activate the Filester file manager on your WordPress website and everything is ready.

2. Global settings:

  • Select User Roles to access: Editor Author Contributor Subscriber
  • Determine the Root Path
  • Maximum Upload Size
  • Plugin language
  • Hide .htaccess file (if exists) in file manager.
  • Enable Trash: After enabled, after delete your files will go to the trash folder.

3. User Role Restrictions.

  • Select a User Role to use this option.
  • Disable commands
  • Root Path for this User Role
  • Specify folder or file paths that you want to Hide
  • Specify file extensions which you want to Lock. Eg: .php | .png | .css
  • Specify file extensions which user can be Uploaded.

4. Save changes and done.


Advanced File Manager For WordPress - Filester
File Manager
Advanced File Manager For WordPress - Filester Context Menu
Context Menu

Download WordPress Plugin:

You can download this free WordPress plugin using the download button below. Unless otherwise stated, the WordPress plugin is available under GNU General Public License.

Author: Ninja Team


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