10 Best WordPress FAQ Plugins For Frequently Asked Questions (2023 Update)

10 Best WordPress FAQ Plugins For Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a website, you probably get emails about your services, products, or general questions about your company. These emails can be from current or potential customers or even commenters on your blog. Good customer service is answering each and every one of those emails.

But you’ll soon notice that many of those emails have the same questions, which means you’re answering them over and over again. This can take up valuable time on your end.

To help streamline this process, you could either hire someone to answer all of them individually or you can have a frequently asked questions (FAQ) list on your website.

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WordPress FAQ Plugins

An FAQ WordPress plugin is basically a plugin that’s added to your site that poses all of the commonly asked questions so that they don’t have to email you. You’ll be able to add it to your website easily by inserting it into your WordPress theme.

Besides saving you time from having to answer loads of emails with similar questions, using an FAQ WordPress plugin can also help visitors find content on your website.

You’ll be able to link various pages on the plugin so that customers and visitors can navigate your site easier. But it’s also a great way to improve your site’s SEO since people usually search for things using a question format when they have a problem.

There are many FAQ WordPress plugins out there, but a great one will offer an elegant design and be useful. Customers and guests of your website should be able to find what they need quickly and easily. Here are a few of the best FAQ WordPress Plugins around.

Originally Published Oct 10 2019, updated Jan 16 2023

1. Accordion FAQ

Accordion FAQ

Total downloads: 50,000+

A responsive, Bootstrap-based FAQ plugin that supports unlimited accordion and collapse with unlimited color. You can easily sort your accordion position using backend.


  • Responsive Design
  • Accordion is responsive and friendly to any mobile devices
  • Limitless accordion anywhere in the theme
  • Drag and Drop builder API integrated.
  • Draggable accordion items for easy sorting
  • Use via short-codes
  • Awesome input field for accordions content
  • Unlimited color option
  • Bootstrap framework based
  • Less for quick customization
  • Font Awesome Icon Support
  • Font Awesome Icon Picker Integrated
  • Two different styles Integrated
  • Hide All Accordion on page load or display all
  • Gulp for instant workflow
  • Highly customized for User Experience
  • Slick Frontend and backend UI
  • Add and remove accordion item from backend.
  • Multiple Advanced Custom Field Available
  • All browser compatible

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2. Ultimate FAQ

Ultimate FAQ

Total downloads: 40,000+

The Ultimate FAQ plugin lets you quickly and easily create, organize, and display unlimited FAQs.


  • Select FAQ animation options for displaying posts
  • Toggle FAQ accordion (close open FAQ when a new one is opened) behavior on/off
  • Allow people to comment on individual FAQ
  • Microdata question schema, to help with SEO
  • Responsive FAQ design that looks great on all screen sizes
  • Group FAQs by category for easy navigation

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3. Easy Accordion – Best Accordion FAQ Plugin for WordPress

Easy Accordion – Best Accordion FAQ Plugin for WordPress

Total downloads: 40,000+

An easy, responsive, drag’n’drop FAQ builder to create FAQ systems with ease.

Key Features:

  • Responsive and mobile-friendly
  • SEO-friendly and ultra-fast
  • Easy to embed via shortcodes
  • Allows multiple FAQs on the same page
  • Draggable Accordion
  • Compatible with any theme
  • Custom appearance

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4. Quick and Easy FAQs

Quick and Easy FAQs

Total downloads: 20,000+

This plugin provides a quick and easy way add FAQs using custom post type and later on displaying those FAQs using shortcodes.


  • Easily add FAQs using FAQ custom post type.
  • Display FAQs in simple list style.
  • Display FAQs in toggle ( independent form of accordion ) style.
  • Display FAQs in filterable toggle style.
  • Settings page to change toggle style text, background and border colors.
  • Custom CSS box in settings page to override default styles.
  • Translation Ready ( Comes with related pot and po files )
  • RTL ( Right to Left Language ) Support
  • Support for Visual Composer Plugin

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5. Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs

Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs

Total downloads: 10,000+

Professional WordPress Knowledge Base plugin for articles, documents and FAQs. It’s easy to use, works with any theme and has predefined layouts, styles and colors.

Help your users and customers find documents and faqs with a well-organized knowledge base that also looks professional.

Main Features:

  • Have up to 3 levels of categories and sub-categories.
  • Order articles and categories alphabetically, chronologically or in any order.
  • Choose from over 500 icons to display for top categories.
  • Choose from 16 pre-defined color themes.
  • Choose from 4 pre-defined style combinations.
  • Choose article template – current theme template or Knowledge Base template
  • Add tags, breadcrumbs, back button and comments to your knowledgebase articles.
  • Use visual builder and check your configuration changes in live preview.
  • Add an AJAX enabled search box.
  • For better SEO, choose the URL for your knowledgebase articles.
  • Setup hierarchical documentation with sub-categories.
  • Set front-end text to any language.
  • Looks great on phones and tablets.
  • Knowledgebase Articles and Categories are CPTs.

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6. Arconix FAQ

Arconix FAQ

Total downloads: 10,000+

An easy-to-create, stylish FAQ plugin for your WordPress website that displays your frequently asked questions using a shortcode.

The FAQ’s can be displayed in groups by tagging them during the FAQ item’s creation. They can also be loaded closed or open, and for long FAQ’s, there’s a checkbox to add a “return to top” link at the bottom.

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7. Helpie FAQ – WordPress FAQ Accordion Plugin

Helpie FAQ – WordPress FAQ Accordion Plugin

Total downloads: 9,000+

An advanced WordPress FAQ Plugin for effortlessly creating, editing and embedding FAQs and Accordions on your WordPress website.

You can create FAQ posts, assign them categories & tags and use responsive Toggle or Accordion style and display FAQs anywhere on the website.

FAQs can be grouped and filtered using FAQ categories and tags and displayed using shortcodes, Elementor page builder or as a widget in the theme.

There is a basic shortcode builder with which you can add FAQs to all pages and posts. It has a FAQ block for Gutenberg Editor.


  • Fully responsive Accordion/Toggle
  • FAQ-Accordion block for Gutenberg
  • Automatically add FAQ Schema
  • Basic FAQ Shortcode builder for all pages and posts
  • FAQ-WooCommerce Integration
  • FAQ-Accordion tab on WooCommerce product page
  • Inline FAQ search-bar
  • Enable/Disable FAQ search-bar
  • FAQ theme widget
  • Display Popular and Recently Added/Updated FAQs
  • Sorting and Filtering of FAQs
  • Limit number of FAQs displayed
  • Light and Dark theme styling options
  • Elementor integration – Accordion/FAQ widgets
  • Helpie Knowledge base integration
  • Use Helpie KB categories for FAQs
  • Display FAQs based on categories
  • Diplay FAQs to all products/Product category in WooCommerce
  • Adds URL attribute for FAQs
  • Added FAQ Groups

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8. WP responsive FAQ with category plugin

WP responsive FAQ with category plugin

Total downloads: 6,000+

SP faqs plugin allows you add, manage and display responsive FAQs with category WordPressordpress website. Also works with custom post type.

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9. FAQ Manager

FAQ Manager

Total downloads: 4,000+

Uses custom post types and taxonomies to manage an FAQ section for your site. Includes a set of custom taxonomies to organize, and shortcode options for different display configurations.

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10. Tab – Accordion, FAQ

Tab Accordion FAQ

Total downloads: 3,000+

Tab allows you to create a simple tabs, accordions and faq for elementor, and all themes. Tab and accordion plugin is for creating responsive tab panels with unlimited options and transition animations support.


  • 31 types of Tabs.
  • 31 types of Accordions.
  • Works well with all WordPress themes built on Elementor
  • All major browsers supported Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Edge
  • Easy to customize.
  • Support post/page or widget.
  • Show/hide category icon.
  • You can choose Icon.
  • Tabs transitions.
  • Free updates & support.
  • You can use shortcode in the content.
  • Use via shortcodes.
  • Awesome input field for content.
  • Clean design and commented code.
  • Clean HTML, Javascript & CSS Code.
  • Easy to customize to fit any design and color scheme.
  • Can display any content, video,Image or other elements.
  • Vertical & Horizontal Tabs Layouts.
  • Add and remove Tabs item from backend Quickly.
  • Slick Frontend and backend UI.
  • Draggable box items for easy sorting.
  • Super smooth hardware accelerated CSS3 transitions with jQuery fallback.
  • Very detailed documentation with examples.
  • Multipurpose use FAQ or Accordion.
  • Accordion Menu Position (Horizontal)
  • Display specific category FAQ.
  • Unlimited variations of usage.
  • Unlimited number of FAQs.
  • Unlimited number of tabs.
  • Unlimited number of Accardions.
  • Unlimited amount of images to be added.
  • Unlimited amount of videos (Vimeo and YouTube) to be added.

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To conclude, there are a lot of options out there for WordPress FAQ plugins. Some of them will be a better fit for your project than others. But that’s the wonderful thing about WordPress plugins – if one doesn’t work out, you can move on to the next one! As long as you research in advance and find the right plugin, you should have no problems getting the results you need.

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