10 Best WordPress Backup Plugins To Protect Against Data Loss (2020 Update)

Best WordPress Backup Plugins

Making general WordPress Backup is the best thing you can improve the situation your site. WordPress Backup Plugins give you true serenity and can spare you in cataclysmic circumstances when your site gets hacked or you coincidentally bolt yourself out.

Here are the 10 Full Free Backup plugins for WordPress, and the vast majority of them are genuinely simple to utilize.

Originally Published Feb 16 2019, updated Feb 11 2020

1. UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

Total downloads: 2,000,000+

Five Star Ratings: 3,300+

UpdraftPlus simplifies backups and restoration. It is the world’s highest ranking and most popular scheduled backup plugin, with over a million currently-active installs. Backup your files and database backups into the cloud and restore with a single click!

Backup into the cloud directly to Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 (or compatible), Rackspace Cloud, DreamObjects, FTP, Openstack Swift, Updraft Vault and email. The paid version also backs up to Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage, Backblaze B2, SFTP, SCP, and WebDAV.


  • Restores, as well as backing up
  • Backs up to more cloud options than any others
  • Allows you to set up automatic backup schedules, for the ultimate in convenience
  • Is faster, using up fewer server resources
  • Has been tested on over 1 million sites

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2. BackWPup

BackWPup Jobs BackWPup Archives

Total downloads: 600,000+

Five Star Ratings: 920+

The backup plugin BackWPup can be used to save your complete installation including /wp-content/ and push them to an external Backup Service, like Dropbox, S3, FTP and many more, see list below. With a single backup .zip file you are able to easily restore an installation.


  • Database Backup (needs mysqli)
  • WordPress XML Export
  • Generate a file with installed plugins
  • Optimize Database
  • Check and repair Database
  • File backup
  • Backups in zip, tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2 format (needs gz, bz2, ZipArchive)
  • Store backup to directory
  • Store backup to FTP server (needs ftp)
  • Store backup to Dropbox (needs curl)
  • Store backup to S3 services (needs PHP 5.3.3, needs curl)
  • Store backup to Microsoft Azure (Blob) (needs PHP 5.3.2, curl)
  • Store backup to RackSpaceCloud (needs PHP 5.3.2, curl)
  • Store backup to SugarSync (needs curl)
  • PRO: Store backup to Amazon Glacier (needs PHP 5.3.3, curl)
  • PRO: Store backup to Google Drive (needs PHP 5.3.3, curl)
  • Send logs and backups by email
  • Multi-site support only as network admin

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3. BackUpWordPress


Total downloads: 200,000+

Five Star Ratings: 1,200+

The BackUpWordpress plugin will back up your entire WordPress site including your database and all your files on a schedule.


  • Super simple to use, no setup required.
  • Works in low memory, “shared host” environments.
  • Manage multiple schedules.
  • Option to have each backup file emailed to you.
  • Uses zip and mysqldump for faster backups if they are available.
  • Works on Linux & Windows Server.
  • Exclude files and folders from your backups.Multiple languages.

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4. WP-DB-Backup

Total downloads: 200,000+

Five Star Ratings: 60+

The WP-DB-Backup plugin allows you easily to backup your core WordPress database tables. You may also backup other tables in the same database.


  • Allows to select specific tables to backup.
  • Download the backup to your computer.
  • Email the backup to an Email address you provide.
  • Allows to schedule database backup.

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5. WP-DBManager

WP-DBManager Database Optimization

Total downloads: 100,000+

Five Star Ratings: 80+

This is a multi-purpose WordPress plugin which can be used to back up, optimize and repair the database.

Tthe plugin automatically creates a folder called database backup ensuring all of the most important files are kept in a separate area for recovery. The vast majority of cleanup options from this plugin are minimal at best however. It’s more designed for recovery and management.

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6. VaultPress (Premium)


Total downloads: 80,000+

Five Star Ratings: 60+

VaultPress is a real-time backup and security scanning service designed and built by Automattic, the same company that operates (and backs up!) millions of sites on WordPress.com.

VaultPress is now powered by Jetpack and effortlessly backs up every post, comment, media file, revision, and dashboard setting on your site to our servers. With VaultPress you’re protected against hackers, malware, accidental damage, and host outages.

Key features:

  • Daily and Real-time Backups
  • Automated Restores to Any Location
  • Comprehensive Security Scanning
  • Important Stats for Site Owners and Publishers
  • Centralized Site Management

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7. Backup Guard

Backup Guard

Total downloads: 70,000+

Five Star Ratings: 790+

Backup Guard is the most complete WordPress backup plugin. We offer the easiest way to Backup, Restore and Migrate your WordPress website. You can backup and restore your WordPress files, database or both.


  • Backup site – backup site as many times as you want
  • Backup files, database or both
  • Choose which folders to backup
  • Choose which database tables to backup
  • Restore site – restore backups whenever needed
  • Selective files or database restoration
  • Download backups – download your backups on your computer
  • Import backups – upload your backups to restore (no FTP required)
  • Multisite WordPress Network is supported
  • Backup cancellation – cancel the backup process
  • Explore backup or restore log files
  • Ability to specify custom exclude paths
  • Ability to exclude database tables
  • Live progress – precise progress of the current backup or restore

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8. WP Database Backup

Total downloads: 70,000+

Five Star Ratings: 50+

WP Database Backup plugin helps you to create Database Backup and Restore Database Backup easily on single click.Manual or Automated Database Backups And also store database backup on safe place- Dropbox,FTP,Email,Google drive, Amazon S3.

Key features:

  • Database Backup easily on single click.
  • Autobackup.
  • Restore Database Backup easily on single click.
  • Store database backup on safe place- Dropbox,Google drive,Amazon s3,FTP,Email.
  • Pagination.
  • Search and sort database backup feature.

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9. Backup & Staging – BlogVault Backups

Backup & Staging – BlogVault Backups

Total downloads: 50,000+

Five Star Ratings: 90+

Backup with the most reliable backup, staging and restore plugin, BlogVault WordPress Backups. Trusted by 500,000 sites and counting, it ensures a stress- free WordPress backup and security solution in a single dashboard.

BlogVault takes smart incremental database and file backups. Backups are stored on cloud – BlogVault servers and on Amazon S3. BlogVault provides real- time backups for WooCommerce sites. It also facilitates backup validation, restore, migration, dedicated staging, site copying, website management with zero downtime and upload to Dropbox. It makes use of FTP, SFTP or FTPS for migrate/restore feature.


  • Automatic Daily and Real Time Backups
  • One-click Site Restoration
  • Efficient, Incremental backup
  • 365-day Backup history
  • Backup to Cloud & Dropbox
  • Perform theme and plugin updates directly
  • Manage clients, team members, and websites directly
  • Dedicated One-Click Staging setup
  • Only WordPress backup plugin with free staging
  • One-Click Migrations to 5,000+ web hosts
  • Copy or clone sites with our backups
  • Backup Restore Test from 365 days backup archive
  • Organized backup history
  • Safe inbuilt backup and recovery testing
  • Automatic Daily and Real Time Scans
  • One-click Malware Removal
  • Hardening Site Security
  • Encrypted, secure backups

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10. XCloner

Total downloads: 40,000+

Five Star Ratings: 100+

XCloner is a Backup and Restore plugin that is perfectly integrated with WordPress. It is able to create complete and differentials backups of your site, manually or automatically through the built-in scheduler.

XCloner design was specifically created to Generate custom backups of any WordPress website through custom admin inputs, and to be able to Restore the backup on any other location with the help of the automatic Restore script we provide!


  • Backup and Restore your WordPress site easily
  • Create compressed and uncompressed backups using TAR open source format
  • Create automated backups from your Scheduled Backups Section
  • Received email notifications of created backups
  • Generate automatic backups based on cronjobs, it can run daily, weekly, monthly or even hourly
  • Restore your backups locally or to a remote location, XCloner will attempt to extract the backup archive files for you, as well as import the mysql dump and update the WordPress config details
  • Upload your backups to Remote Storage locations supporting FTP, SFTP, Dropbox, AWS, Azure Blob, Backblaze, WebDAV, Google Drive and many more to come
  • Watch every step of XCloner through it’s built in debugger
  • Althrough we have optimized XCloner to run properly on most hosts, we give Developers options to customize it’s running speed and avoid backup timeouts, all from the XCloner Config-> System Options
  • Ability to split backups into multiple smaller parts if a certain size limit is reached
  • Generate Differential Backups so your backup will include only files modified after a certain date, giving you the option to decrease the total backup space disk usage
  • Generate automatic backups before a WordPress automatic update

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