10 Best Free WordPress Calendar Plugins To Manage Events And Schedules (2022 Update)

Best WordPress Calendar Plugins

Scheduling events on your website can be a great way to invite people to a webinar, workshop, or even your next party! If you’re not having luck with the built-in abilities of WordPress (that’s okay, nobody does), you may need to add an app like one of these calendar plugins.

A calendar is one of the most-used features on a website, and oftentimes can be the difference between someone planning an event or not. Whether you run a business that’s scheduling events (such as an appointment-based service), or are a small organization sharing events with your members, these calendar plugins can help you schedule everything in one place.

You’re reading this article because you want to know which WordPress calendar plugins are the best. There are plenty of them out there, but it takes time to test and compare them all. That’s why we’ve accomplished the hard work for you and found the 10 best WordPress calendar plugins.

Originally Published Feb 23 2019, updated Mar 10 2022

1. The Events Calendar

Total downloads: 800,000+

Five Star Ratings: 1,800+

This is one of the best ways that you can have a professional quality calendar available on your blog complete with extensions that are customizable for multiple content providers. This is one of the best ways that you can stay on top of your marketing campaigns and even comes with a handy import tool that can deliver some huge improvements for the community and for your forums over time. This team has dedicated an extensive amount of time into the development of the product and they are available for questions and answers 24 hours a day.


  • Rapidly create events
  • Saved venues & organizers
  • Calendar month view with tooltips
  • List view
  • Day view
  • Event search
  • Google maps
  • Widget: Upcoming events list
  • Events Taxonomies (Categories & Tags)
  • Google Calendar and iCal exporting
  • WP REST API endpoints
  • Completely ajaxified for super smooth browsing
  • Completely responsive from mobile to tablet to desktop
  • Tested on the major theme frameworks such as Avada, Genesis, Woo Themes, Thesis and many more.
  • Increase your SEO with Microformats
  • Internationalized & Translated
  • Multiple stylesheets (Skeleton, Default, Tribe Event Styles) to improve integration
  • Extensive Template Tags for Customization
  • Hook & Filters up the wazoo
  • Caching Support
  • Debug Mode for Developers

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2. Modern Events Calendar Lite

Modern Events Calendar Lite

Total downloads: 100,000+

Five Star Ratings: 500+

A responsive, mobile-friendly, FREE, and comprehensive events management plugin to display user-friendly and well-designed events calendar on the WordPress.


  • Easy to use interface.
  • Detailed settings.
  • 40+ event display layouts.
  • Simple to implement via shortcode.
  • Single and multiple day events.
  • Front-end submission.
  • Recurring and repeating events

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3. Events Manager

Total downloads: 100,000+

Five Star Ratings: 330+

A flexible, realizable, feature-rich event manager for WordPress.


  • Easy event registration (single day with start/end times)
  • Recurring and long (multi-day) event registration
  • Bookings Management (including approval/rejections, export CVS, and more!)
  • Multiple Tickets
  • MultiSite Support
  • BuddyPress Support
    • Submit Events
    • Group Events
    • Personal Events
    • Activity Stream
    • more on the way
  • Guest/Member Event submissions
  • Assign event locations and view events by location
  • Event categories
  • Easily create custom event attributes (e.g. dress code)
  • Google Maps
  • Advanced permissions – restrict user management of events and locations.
  • Widgets for Events, Locations and Calendars
  • Fine grained control of how every aspect of your events are shown on your site, easily modify templates from the settings pages and template files
  • iCal Feed (single and all events)
  • Add to Google Calendar buttons
  • RSS Feeds
  • Compatible with SEO plugins
  • Timezone Support – create events in different timezones
  • Plenty of template tags and shortcodes for use in your posts and pages
  • Actively maintained and supported
  • Lots of documentation and tutorials
  • And much more!

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4. All-in-One Event Calendar

Total downloads: 90,000+

Five Star Ratings: 1,600+

This is a powerful, multi-language, easy-to-manage, all-in-one event calendar plugin to manage events and schedules on your WordPress blog.


  • Recurring events including complex patterns.
  • Filtering by event category or tag.
  • Easy sharing with Google Calendar, Apple iCal, MS Outlook and any other system that accepts iCalendar (.ics) feeds.
  • Embedded Google Maps.
  • Color-coded events based on category.
  • Featured event images and category images.
  • Day view
  • Week view
  • Month view
  • Agenda view
  • Posterboard view
  • Upcoming Events widget.
  • Direct links to filtered calendar views.
  • Theme options to customize your calendar appearance.
  • Inline Calendar Theme editor.
  • Import other calendars automatically to display in your calendar.
  • Categorize and tag imported calendar feeds automatically.
  • Plugin can also be easily imported.
  • Each event is SEO-optimized.
  • Each event links to the original calendar.
  • Your calendar can be embedded into a WordPress page without needing to create template files or modify the theme.

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5. Simple Calendar – Google Calendar Plugin

Total downloads: 70,000+

Five Star Ratings: 340+

A simple, open source calendar plugin enables you to add your own Google Calendar & Events to your WordPress site with ease.


  • Display events from any public Google Calendar.
  • Keep managing events in Google Calendar. No need to create events in WordPress.
  • Out-of-the-box designs that match your theme’s look and feel.
  • Fully responsive and mobile-friendly monthly grid and list views.
  • Customize event content display using simple tags. No coding required.
  • Combine multiple calendars into single displays explicitly or using categories.
  • Intuitive, simple display configuration changes for fine tuning.
  • Advanced settings to adjust time zones, date/time formats and start of the week.
  • Integration with Event Calendar Newsletter for quickly turning your events into a newsletter-friendly format.
  • Translations available with more being added on a regular basis.

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6. Booking Calendar

Total downloads: 60,000+

Five Star Ratings: 480+

An intuitive, customizable, responsive and flexible booking calendar plugin for WordPress to make and manage bookings.


  • Make New Bookings on the Client side.
  • Manage your Bookings in Admin Panel.
  • Sync bookings.
  • Supports Google Calendar events.
  • Configure Booking Form and Availability Calendar.
  • Easy integration into posts/pages.
  • Multiple languages.
  • Booking Widget.

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7. Bookly


Total downloads: 60,000+

Five Star Ratings: 280+

A free scheduling plugin for WordPress that allows accepting online bookings on your website and automating your reservation system.

Manage your booking calendar, services, client base, save time and money – all in one place.


  • Fast online booking with intuitively manageable forms
  • The fully customizable appearance of the booking form with no coding involved
  • Unlimited number of booking forms on your site
  • Comprehensive admin area with an intuitive interface
  • Monthly/weekly/daily calendar view for the service provider
  • Manageable list of your customers
  • Filterable, sortable and searchable booking list of your customers
  • Variable duration for each service (5 min – 7 days)
  • Services grouped into categories
  • Customizable SMS and email notifications settings right from the Bookly backend
  • WPML integration for multi-language support

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8. Amelia – Events & Appointments Booking Calendar

Amelia Events Appointments Booking Calendar

Total downloads: 40,000+

Five Star Ratings: 170+

A free appointment and event booking plugin that allows setting up a fully-featured automated booking system on your WordPress website. Businesses and individuals who depend on stable appointment booking processes or those who want to manage events on their WordPress websites can rely on this tool.


  • Booking forms for appointments and events with great UI and UX your customers will love
  • Easily embeddable booking form for appointments with the shortcode: [ameliabooking]
  • Easily embeddable Event booking form with the shortcode [ameliaevents]
  • A convenient Calendar view on the back-end, giving a complete overview on all the appointments end events
  • Configuring your provider’s details and working schedule
  • Track your business KPIs in the Dashboard
  • Customizable confirmation Email and SMS notifications for customers and the provider
  • Available time slots automatically prevent double-booking
  • Available in 20+ languages
  • Elementor, Divi, and Gutenberg blocks supported for building your pages

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9. My Calendar

Total downloads: 30,000+

Five Star Ratings: 120+

This is a fairly simple and streamlined events calendar that’s perfect for bloggers and marketers. The main focus of this calendar update is mostly to create a space in which WordPress users can very easily share their calendar updates to the website. Importing new calendar updates and sharing data on this plugin is fairly simple but it does come with some limitations.


  • Calendar grid and list views of events.
  • Monthly, weekly, or daily view.
  • Mini-calendar for compact displays (as widget or as shortcode).
  • Widgets: today’s events, upcoming events, compact calendar, event search.
  • Custom templates for event output.
  • Limit views by categories, location, author, or host.
  • Disable default CSS and default JavaScript or display only on specific Pages/Posts.
  • Editable CSS styles and JavaScript behaviors.
  • Schedule a variety of recurring events.
  • Edit occurrences of recurring events
  • Rich permissions handling to restrict access to parts of My Calendar.
  • Email notification to administrator when events are scheduled or reserved.
  • Post to Twitter when events are created with WP to Twitter.
  • Location Manager for frequently used venues
  • Fetch events from a remote database. (Sharing events in a network of sites.)
  • Import events from Kieran O’Shea’s Calendar plugin.
  • Integrated Help to guide in use of shortcodes and template tags.
  • Shortcode Generator to create customized views of My Calendar.

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10. Event Organiser

Event Organiser

Total downloads: 30,000+

Five Star Ratings: 130+

The Event Organiser makes uses of custom post type to help you create and manage events and schedules just like posts.


  • Create one-time events or recurring events.
  • Allows complex reoccurring patterns for events.
  • Add or remove specific dates to an event
  • Event functions available
  • Create and maintain venues for your events, with Google maps support and a fully-featured content editor.
  • Widgets: Calendar widget, Event List widget, and Event Agenda widget
  • Year, month and day archive pages
  • Shortcodes support.
  • Relative date queries
  • Assign events to categories and tags, and view events by category or tag.
  • Color-coded event categories.
  • Custom permissions allow to specify which roles have the ability to create, edit and delete events or manage venues.
  • Venue pages, to view events by venue.
  • Export/import events to and from ICAL files.
  • Delete individual occurrences of events.
  • Public events feed: allow visitors to subscribe to your events, or a particular venue/category.
  • Supports ‘pretty permalinks’ for event pages, event archives, event category and venue pages.
  • (Optionally) automatically delete expired events.

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Now you can use WordPress to schedule events on your website and manage the events, user groups, and more. The above-listed plugins are some of the most popular WordPress calendar plugins, and they’ll give you all kinds of functionality, including easy event creation and management, social sharing, multiple views, and more. Best of all, these plugins will help solve your scheduling needs with a variety of price points for every budget.

You can find more WordPress plugins to manage and schedule events under our Calendar section.

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