Calculate Optimal Calories In WordPress – Calorie Calculator

A simple and easy-to-use Calorie Calculator for WordPress-powered fitness/weight loss/body building/GYM websites.

It provides a convenient interface to calculate your optimal calories for your body health goal.

How to use it:

1. Install and activate the Calorie Calculator plugin on your website.

2. Go to the settings page and config the Calorie Calculator:

  • Main Calculator Title
  • Default units system: Imperial or Metric
  • Calculation Result type: Email or Instant View
  • Primary color
  • Secondary color

Calorie Calculator

3. Copy the generated shortcode and insert it into anywhere you want to display the Calorie Calculator. That’s it.

Calorie Calculator Shortcode


Calculate Optimal Calories In WordPress - Calorie Calculator

Download WordPress Plugin:

You can download this free WordPress plugin using the download button below. Unless otherwise stated, the WordPress plugin is available under GNU General Public License.

Author: Belov Digital Agency


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