Create A Minimal Countdown Timer With Shortcode

A minimal countdown timer that shows a countdown clock ticking down to a specified date and displays a custom message when the countdown ends.

How to use it:

1. Install and activate the WP Count Down Timer plugin and we’re ready to go.

2. Use the shortcode [wp_countdown_timer] to generate a countdown timer and define the desired date in the date attribute:

[wp_countdown_timer date='Dec,24,2020 23:55:00 UTC+1']

3. Customize the text color of the countdown timer.

[wp_countdown_timer date='Dec,24,2020 23:55:00 UTC+1' color='red']

4. Define the feedback which will be shown after the countdown ends.

[wp_countdown_timer date='Dec,24,2020 23:55:00 UTC+1' text='This offer has expired']


Create A Minimal Countdown Timer With Shortcode

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Author: Sitedin


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