5 Best Dark Mode Plugins For WordPress (2022 Update)

Dark mode is something we were introduced to with MacOS Mojave. And since then, it has become a trend in the industry. Not everyone likes it but we think it’s one of the best features that can be added to any website and that too without much effort.

If you want to make your site more visually appealing and user-friendly, you can use a WordPress plugin called “Dark Mode”. This will make your website look more appealing for the readers, and will also make it easy for night readers to read the content properly.

We’ll take a look at 5 of my favorite WordPress plugins to enable dark mode on your site. These plugins make creating a darker theme for your WordPress site as easy as lacing up a pair of Jordans.

Originally Published Oct 29 2021, updated Apr 21 2022

1. WP Dark Mode

WP Dark Mode

Total downloads: 10,000+

Five Star Ratings: 190+

Create a stunning dark version for your WordPress website with the WP Dark Mode plugin. WP Dark Mode works automatically without going into any complicated settings.

Just activate the plugin and your users will experience a dark mode version of your website as per their preferred operating system preference.


  • Floating Switch Button – You can display a dark mode floating switch button in the footer of the website.
  • Default Mode – Make dark mode as the default mode of the website. Users will see the dark mode first.
  • Dark mode Elementor Widget – You can place the Dark Mode switch button into any page/post by using the (Dark Mode Switch) Elementor widget.
  • Dark mode Gutenberg Widget – You can place the switch button into any page/post by using the (Dark Mode Switch) Gutenberg block.
  • Auto Match OS Theme – Automatically shows Darkmode if the OS preferred theme is dark
  • Available in Backend – You can enable the dark mode in the back end admin page.
  • Presets Color Schema – 2 exclusive presets color schema available to quickly change the dark mode color from the predefined presets.
  • Dark Mode Switch – Dark mode switch button to toggle the dark mode.
  • Remember Dark Mode – The dark mode remains saved once you activated the dark mode.
  • Themes Compatible – The plugin is compatible with most of the themes without any issues.
  • Revolution Slider Compatible – This plugin compatible with revolution slider.
  • Low Image Brightness – Decrease the brightness and contrast of images in the dark mode.
  • Keyboard Accessibility – Toggle darkmode by keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Alt + D).

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2. Droit Dark Mode

Droit Dark Mode

Total downloads: 4,000+

Five Star Ratings: 10+

A WordPress plugin that provides great way to create a stunning dark version of your website and dashboard – easily and effectively. This WordPress Plugin allows you to turn enable/disable the dark mode option from the dashboard with tons of settings. It enables you to turn on/off dark mode in your website without lots of effort, hassle, or coding.


  • Multiple Switch Styles – Comes with multiple switch styles that you can choose from and use on your website
  • Floating Switch Button – Floating switch button can be shown anywhere in the body of your website.
  • Set Default Mode – You can set the dark mode in your website as the default (first time) view.
  • Switch Elementor Widget – Switch Button can be placed on the content of any post/page by using the Elementor widget.
  • Switch Gutenberg Block – Switch Button can be placed on the content of any post/page by using the Gutenberg block.
  • Dashboard Dark Mode – Your WordPress admin panel/dashboard can also be made dark.
  • Multiple Color Presets – 10+ exclusive color presets are available to quickly change the dark mode color from the color palette.
  • Dark Mode Saved – Your choice of dark/light mode is saved by default once you set which mode to turn on.
  • Theme Compatibility – Dark Mode plugin is compatible with all major themes out in the market, so you are well covered!
  • Set Dashboard Color Preset – You can set color preset for dark and light admin dashboard based on your browser.
  • Body Position Options – Set switch at different positions in your websites (left-top, left-bottom, right-top. right-bottom, center-bottom, center-top and so on).

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3. Dark Mode for WP Dashboard

Dark Mode For WordPress Dashboard

Total downloads: 1,000+

Five Star Ratings: 10+

A dead-simple WordPress plugin that applies the Dark Mode to the dashboard of your WordPress website.

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4. QS Dark Mode Plugin

QS Dark Mode Plugin

Total downloads: 900+

Five Star Ratings: 8+

A simple yet convenient plugin that allows WordPress websites to turn on a Dark Mode website or theme. This WordPress QS Dark Mode plugin is very much user friendly, fully compatible to all browsers, operating systems and devices. It is also compatible with all WordPress themes


  • Dashboard Color Scheme : – QS Dark Mode bring the option customize your WordPress dashboard with a click.
  • Default Dark Mode : You can also set Default Dark Mode from your dashboard for your website with QS Dark Mode .
  • Front End Dark Mode : To active Dark Mode in Front End We have bring QS Dark Mode and Now you are all set to enjoy the Dark Version of the website
  • Dashboard Dark Mode : To change the WordPress Dashboard to a Dark Mode or version You can use QS Dark Mode .
  • Switch : Showcase your stylish switch style and bring a posh look to the website. QS Dark Mode has it all.
  • Short Code : QS Dark Mode is compatible with all page builder even with WordPress itself, so use short code to make it work.
  • Switch Presets : – We have 4 Switch Presets in our Free version to convert your website in Dark Mode .
  • Switch Style : QS Dark Mode Provide different style for the switch and it can be your won as well.
  • Switch Position : You can set the button /switch anywhere you want with the QS Dark Mode Positioning options.
  • Switch Custom Style : it’s much easier to have your own switch style in your website.
  • Switch Custom Text : Place your text on the button as per your wish.
  • Theme Color Presets : – 4 Color Scheme for your theme is ready with the QS Dark Mode WordPress Plugin.
  • Custom Elements : You can also give style to your custom elements with QS Dark Mode
  • Exclude Elements : You have the option to exclude any specific area or elements from your website with QS Dark Mode .
  • Custom CSS : to target specific content or id even class, QS Dark Mode give you the authority to make it happen.
  • Image Opacity : To make a proper contrast you can also choose image opacity.
  • Image Filter : There are few options is QS Dark Mode to control the image filter or to change the filter type.

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5. DarklupLite WP Dark Mode

DarklupLite WP Dark Mode

Total downloads: 400+

Five Star Ratings: 20+

A POWERFUL dark mode plugin for WordPress. Turn any WordPress website into an eye-pleasing reading experience by simply activating DarklupLite.

The most amazing dark mode plugin Darklup provides a huge number of features to make you and your WordPress website visitors more comfortable.


  • Dark mode Elementor widget: Dark mode Elementor widget allows you to set the dark mode switch button in any post or page and customize your website entirely.
  • Dark Mode Gutenberg widget: Using the dark mode switch Gutenberg widget, you can place the dark mode switch button in any page or post as your demand.
  • Dark mode visual composer widget: Darklup WP dark mode is available for visual composer template into Widgetized area.
  • Dark mode WP widget: Enabling dark mode for WP widget is available in the plugin.
  • Frontend dark mode: After activating the WordPress dark mode plugin for the website’s frontend portion the plugin will display a dark mode accessing switch button for your website’s audience.
  • Backend Dark mode: As a dashboard user you can also enable dark mode for your WordPress backend admin section.
  • Automatic mode: To enjoy this feature set start and end time and the plugin will serve dark mode automatically within the predefined time.
  • Floating switch button: You can locate floating switch buttons anywhere on your website.
  • Re-positioning floating switch: The floating switch can be displayed at top right, top left, bottom right, bottom left on your webpage. But sometimes these fixed positions may clash with your chatbot, tooltip, or scroll to top button.To avoid this clash you can set a floating switch margin to move the switch to up or down, left or right wherever you want.
  • OS based color mode: Almost all leading operating systems support WordPress Dark Mode Plugin for showing dark mode color scheme.
  • 3+ Exclusive color preset: More than 3 exclusive color presets are obtainable to adorn the website with proper balanced color.
  • 4+ exclusive switch styles: More than 4 exclusive switch styles are available to enrich the productivity of a website.
  • Ready for translation ( .pot files included): You can translate from the predefined language to your required language because .pot file is included in this plugin to serve you in your native language.
  • Well Documented: Proper documentation is created in the settings option and all the details about this plugin and tutorials are available in the documentation section to guide you in the easiest way.

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Wrapping it up

As more WordPress users start to look for Dark Mode plugins, I think we will see more of them coming out. Dark Mode is being pushed for accessibility reasons, but it isn’t hard to improve its website user experience. A simple dark mode plugin can help with that. You should check out the 5 best dark mode plugins as reviewed above and decide which one works better with your project. Protect your eyes and increase the readability of your website!

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