3 Best Free Step-by-step Guided Tour Plugins For WordPress

Most websites would like to keep their visitors involved or interested. At the same time, are not always easy to explore a site or know how the process works. This can be even more complicated if a site is large and resource-heavy.

A guided tour plugin (also known as Walkthrough or Onboarding) can help you deal with that. It provides a smart, visual way to lead users through new features and featured functions on your website while avoiding any distractions.

In this post, we will take a look at the 3 best such plugins that can be used by anyone looking to add effective guided tours to their Word Press website.

1. Intro Tour Tutorial DeepPresentation

Intro Tour Tutorial DeepPresentation

A WordPress plugin that helps you create an intuitive tour that guides people through your website or co-workers to manage your website through the WordPress admin board.

You can choose the way how and when your tour starts, and how it look and behave, all in one download. It’s all possible without special technical knowledge because the plug-in integrates the visual builder for creating such a tour.

If you have deeper technical knowledge you can benefit from advanced configuration, that can provide your abilities to set the tour up on even special scenarios.


  • Visual frontend builder: You can create and edit all steps and also tour’s trigger element visually right from a frontend.
  • Flexible configuration: You can specify a single-page tour step-by-step comfortably in a user-friendly way with a baked-in frontend builder and detailed configuration in the admin board.
  • Single page tours: You can specify as many single-page tours as you want.
  • 4 Fancy theme styles: You can choose from 2 fancy themes for the styling of presentational elements and choose the most suitable one to match vibe of your web. You can also enable/disable displaying of selected presentation elements on the plugin’s option page.
  • Accent color: You can override the default accent color globally for all tours
  • 1 Start trigger configurations: You can easily choose from a variety of ways, how and where should tour start and also if start is required just for the user’s first visit.
  • Fancy smooth design: Tour is designed to lead users with full attention in the way you define without “sharp breaks” of the tour’s story.
  • Smart tooltip positioning: The best position for a tooltip with your content is found automatically in each step to get the best responsive view even on mobile. You can also specify your preferred position for each step.
  • WPML translation: You can translate your tours with the popular WPML plugin.

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2. Simple Tour Guide

Simple Tour Guide

An easy-to-use step-by-step onboarding user guide plugin that lets you create an interactive guided tour for your visitors. Based on Shepherd.js – an open-source lightweight vanilla js library for guided tours.

The plugin provides a great, neat, and fast way to introduce users to your product or service – by guiding them visually to different elements on your website.

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3. CBX Tour – User Walkthroughs/Guided Tours

CBX Tour

The WordPress plugin helps to create interactive feature tours for products, services,s or simply step-by-step feature demonstrations of anything.

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It is obvious that the guided tours plugins can attract more users to visit your website. It also helps to give some more information about your business.

While the focus of a lot of guided tours is on the content, design can still play an important role in making them appealing to users. Many of these plugins are easy to use, and some have a wealth of features that allow developers to create different types of setups. So even if you don’t need an entirely guided tour, it’s worth taking a look at what these plugins have to offer.

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