9 Best Free Timeline Plugins For WordPress (Updated For 2023)

A timeline is a great way to arrange your content for better UX and provides a powerful way to present your history and future with ease. If you’re looking for a Timeline plugin for your WordPress site, then this article is for you.

Recently I have been working a lot with WordPress timelines. As more users become familiar with the concept of using a timeline on their WordPress site, plugin developers have begun building more timeline plugins.

As an aside, you can find here a list of the 9 Best Free WordPress Timeline Plugins, while there are not many great timeline WordPress plugins available today, here are our top 7 picks for your consideration.

A timeline plugin is a fantastic way to display events, either from your business or from historical past. It has been one of the most popular features added to WordPress.

With a Timeline plugin, you can present your content in a new, modern way. To help you create the best timeline plugin for WordPress, here are 7 of the best timeline plugins available.

1. Cool Timeline

Cool Timeline

Cool Timeline is a responsive WordPress pure HTML & CSS timeline plugin that allows you to create a beautiful horizontal and vertical history timeline.

You simply create posts, set images, and dates then Cool Timeline will automatically populate these posts in chronological order(ASC or DESC), based on the year and date of stories. You can easily show timeline on any page of your website using the shortcode: [cool-timeline].


  • Gutenberg block Timeline
  • Compact Timeline
  • Clean Layout
  • Horizontal Roadmap Timeline
  • Advanced Design & Optimized Code
  • Create both-sided or one-sided vertical timeline.
  • Show timeline images in pop-up or link to full story.
  • Choose cool icons along with stories.
  • Specify story background custom colors.
  • Specify year circle custom color.
  • You can specify different colors for story posts title.
  • Show read more button for full story page.
  • Show stories in DESC or ASC order.
  • Easy to use shortcode to place the cool timeline wherever your heart desires – [cool-timeline].
  • Translation ready and translated in 4 languages (German, French, Indonesian & Italian).
  • TinyMCE button to generate the timeline shortcode or easily add shortcode on any page using Gutenberg ready block

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2. Timeline Express

Timeline Express

Timeline Express is a WordPress timeline plugin, which allows you to create a beautiful animated vertical timeline on your site. Populate your site with announcements, set the date and Timeline Express will load the latest and greatest announcements in proper chronological order.


  • Easy to use shortcode to place the timeline anywhere on your site ( [timeline-express] )
  • Responsive timelines, that look great on all devices.
  • Cross-browser tested, and mobile-friendly.
  • Hundreds of Font Awesome icons included. Specify a different icon for each announcement.
  • Beautiful CSS3 animations.
  • Specify the timeline announcement excerpt length.
  • Hide the date of the announcement on the timeline.
  • Hide the ‘read more’ link for each announcement on the timeline.
  • Specify a custom image to display for each announcement on the timeline.
  • Specify ‘Ascending’ vs ‘Descending’ display order for announcements on the timeline.
  • Powerful extensions (both free and paid).
  • Localized date formatting, for international users.
  • i18n ready – Translated for international users.

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3. Bold Timeline Lite

Bold Timeline Lite

A WordPress timeline plugin that lets you show, easily, any number of events in, for example, company history, author biography, history events, life stories, work experience, step-by-step guide, events timeline or others.


  • Latest WordPress version compatibility
  • Well organized & clean code
  • Compatible browsers: IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
  • Responsive design
  • Customer support
  • Shortcode builder
  • Great compatibility
  • 5 predefined timeline styles to choose from
  • Colors & fonts settings
  • Icons & media settings

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4. Timeline and History slider

Timeline and History slider

An advanced WordPress timeline plugin that showcases your life history or your company’s story, WordPress Post in a responsive Horizontal order based on the year and the date of your posts.

This plugin creates a Timeline Slider menu tab with a custom post type to your WordPress admin side. You can add Title, content, and featured image as same as WordPress post.


  • Added Gutenberg block support.
  • Timeline Plugin for WordPress.
  • Touch-enabled Navigation.
  • Fully responsive. Scales with its container.
  • Fully accessible with arrow key navigation.
  • Given shortcode and template code.

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5. Event Timeline – Vertical Timeline

Event Timeline Vertical Timeline

An advanced WordPress timeline plugin that showcases your life history timeline or your company’s story timeline in a responsive horizontal or vertical chronological order based on the year and the date of your posts. It is one of the best plugins to create a timeline theme. You can also convert your blog posts into a blog timeline by using this awesome timeline template maker plugin.


  • Responsive Design
  • 18 Beautiful themes
  • Choose Your Own Theme Color for timeline (via Color Picker)
  • Video Post Format Support (YouTube & Vimeo Embed)
  • Unlimited number of layers with video.
  • Audio Post Format Support
  • Unlimited number of layers with video.
  • Unlimited amount of videos to be added.
  • Unlimited number of timelines.
  • Working in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE7-11, Opera.
  • Working in mobile browsers (Android, iOS and et.)
  • Work with any themes
  • Clean and modern design
  • Fully responsive and mobile ready.
  • Unlimited Timeline anywhere.
  • Unlimited Color.
  • Classic and modern style support
  • Unlimited customize with font, color
  • Convert Your Blog into Timeline
  • Create Horizontal Timeline
  • Create Step by Step Tutorial Timeline
  • Create Timeline with Any Post-Type
  • Seven amazing types of pagination and “Load More” opportunity.
  • The plugin can appear in many types of effects.

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6. Timeline Block For Gutenberg

Timeline Block For Gutenberg

A responsive WordPress block plugin for Gutenberg block editor that allows you to create a beautiful vertical history timeline with one click.

Just search ‘Timeline Block’ from block editor ‘Add Block’ section and create a beautiful story timeline immediately.

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7. Timeline Event History

A Gutenberg-ready plugin that is useful for showing the history of the organization and as well as event history on any page/post/sidebar widget too.

Timeline event history is an advanced WordPress timeline plugin that showcases your life history timeline or your company’s story timeline in a responsive vertical chronological order based on the year and the date of your posts.


  • 2 Timeline Designs
  • Timeline Plugin Provides 2 Vertical Timeline Layouts.
  • Colors & Typography
  • Custom Color Option For Every Story
  • Multiple Timelines
  • Easily Add Shortcode Using Smart Generator
  • Gutenberg Ready
  • Custom Label / Text
  • ASC / DESC Order
  • Icons In Timeline
  • Date Format
  • Animation Effects
  • Compatible with all major browsers

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8. Knight Lab Timeline

Knight Lab Timeline

A simple shortcode plugin to add the TimelineJS made by Knight Lab.

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9. Timeline History

Timeline History

This plugin is used to show History as a timeline in horizontal form. Use shortcode [timeline-history] to show output on your WordPress page, post, etc.

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In this article, we took a look at the 9 best timeline plugins for WordPress. In doing so, we considered some of the most important features that a modern plugin should have. And our list contains a variety of great options that can help you easily integrate a timeline into your WordPress site.

The fact of the matter is, there is no perfect timeline plugin. Each plugin that we covered has at least one drawback or flaw that can cause problems for users that aren’t aware of the potential issues. So, clearly, it is really more about finding the best option for you.

What do you need it to do? Does it offer that? Will your website benefit from this functionality? These are some questions you can ask yourself when considering different available options. If you need more help picking the best WordPress timeline plugin for your needs, you can always give us a shout and we’ll be more than happy to lend a hand.

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