10 Best And Free WordPress Notification Plugins (Ranked By Installs And Ratings)

These days, a beautiful theme is no longer enough when it comes to designing a popular WordPress blog. There are now dozens of free, clutter-free, and elegant-looking notification plugins available online. All you have to do is pick the one that suits your needs and start adding more followers to your blog!

10 Best Notification Plugins For WordPress

Whether you run a large website or a small blog with a couple of pages, notifications are vital, especially if you’re running an e-commerce website.

Notification is important for such things as new customer registrations abandoned shopping carts and sign-up forms, payment reminders, and password recovery. You can even use them to regularly remind your customers about your latest offers and promotions.

Notification plugins for WordPress are popular as most of the websites we come across use them to show essential notifications. For instance, Google Analytics shows a notification if there is an important change in the stats.

But, looking around the internet, there is no single place where you can find good and free notification plugins. That’s why I’ve created this list of best notification plugins for WordPress blogs and sites.

In this list, you will find the 10 best and free notification (notification bar, alert bar, and message bar) WordPress plugins around the world. In other words, you can use them as banners, alerts, or message systems for your website. Enjoy.

1. WPFront Notification Bar

WPFront Notification Bar

A WordPress plugin that easily lets you create a bar on top or bottom to display a notification.


  • Display a message with a button (optional).
  • Processes shortcodes.
  • Button will open a URL or execute JavaScript.
  • Position the bar on top or bottom.
  • Can be fixed at position (Sticky Bar).
  • Display on Scroll option.
  • Set any height you want.
  • Set the number of seconds before the bar appears.
  • Display a close button for the visitor.
  • Set the number of seconds before auto close.
  • Colors are fully customizable.
  • Display a Reopen Button.
  • Select the pages/posts you want to display the notification.
  • Select the user roles you want to display the notification.
  • Set Start and End dates.
  • Hide in Small Devices.

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2. NotificationX


NotificationX helps you to grab the attention of your website visitors and gain their trust instantly by showing real-time sales and engagement notifications. It creates urgency among your visitors in order to purchase your products right now.


  • Super simple interface, ready themes, and advanced design option and to easy to set up the notifications alert
  • Quick Builder Setup to improve user experience
  • Supports WooCommerce, Easy Digital Download, Freemius [PRO], Envato [PRO]
  • Customization option to the display across the site, on specific posts, pages or exclude from the specific location
  • Advanced 19+ integrations to power up your social proof marketing strategies
  • Connect NotificationX with Zapier to build absolutely anything [PRO]
  • Showcase live notifications to any other WordPress or non-WordPress websites with Cross Domain Notice [PRO]
  • Global Queue Management to get full control over your popup notifications [PRO]
  • Advanced Role Management to decide who can create or edit notifications & check Analytics report [PRO]
  • Check the results from Analytics tool [PRO] and see how many times a certain notification popup has been viewed, clicked or even its Click-through Rate
  • Option to deactivate unnecessary integrations to keep the site lightweight
  • Exclusive evergreen time on Notification Bar to make your bar status refreshing all the time for visitors [PRO]
  • Review Popup will increase your engagement and credibility

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3. WP Notification Bars

WP Notification Bars

WP Notification Bar is a custom notifications and alerts plugin for WordPress that displays a sleek message bar on your website. It can help you grow your email list, manage marketing promotions, increase your social media following or grow the audience for specific pages on your website.


  • Easy to Use
  • Lightweight
  • Create Unlimited Notification Bars
  • Responsive
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Fixed or Absolute Position
  • Add CTA Button
  • Add Custom Code
  • Control Font Size
  • Show on HomePage / Posts / Pages
  • Show only to Google Visitors
  • Show only to Facebook Visitors
  • Translation Ready

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4. Notification – Custom Notifications and Alerts for WordPress

Notification Custom Notifications and Alerts for WordPress

Custom Notifications and Alerts without a hassle. Notify anyone about any action in your WordPress. With powerful Merge Tags, you can endlessly customize your messages. Set unlimited Notifications in your WordPress Admin via the beautiful and intuitive interface within 5 minutes.

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5. HashBar – WordPress Notification Bar

HashBar WordPress Notification Bar

HashBar is a handy WordPress Notification Bar Plugin that will take your WordPress site to the next level. You can set up as many notification bars as you want and customize their content to suit your needs.

For example, do you need to add an email subscription form? Simply enter in your newsletter title and signup URL, then let it go!

With HashBar’s eye-catching color schemes and stunning images (you can add new backgrounds at any time by using the simple WP editor), there’s no way of not being noticed! So spread the word about what you have to offer without having to make much effort with this one-of-a-kind plugin for WordPress sites.

With HashBar, you can create unlimited notification bars to notify your customers. Sometimes this increases up to 500% of subscribers or conversion! In addition, you get to add an email subscription form, offer text, and buttons about any promotions that are going on. These notifications are great for building a solid subscriber list, driving website traffic, and boosting social media activity by sharing functions built right in the bar itself!

HashBar is an easy-to-install notification plugin for WordPress, allowing you to easily create WordPress notification bars that can be used in any resolution (Desktop/Tablet/Mobile). HashBar – WordPress Notification Bar plugin comes with the option to show all of your promotion buttons (like credit offers and giveaways) and add a form for email subscriptions which has been proven %100 effective!

Key Features:

  • Gutenberg support
  • Elementor Page builder support
  • WPBakery Page builder support
  • King Composer Page builder support
  • Target where to show the notifications (See all targeting options below at #2)
  • Custom positioning (Top, Bottom, Left Wall, Right Wall, Promo Banner Top, Promo Banner Bottom)
  • Option to load the notification as minimized
  • Show / Hide notification based on scroll position
  • Show / Hide the close button
  • Option to add close button text
  • Option to add open button text
  • Option to show/hide notification for Desktop Device
  • Option to show/hide notification for Mobile Device
  • Enable/Disable analytics for the notifications (See all analytics options below at #3)
  • Don’t show notification after close (New feature)
  • Keep Closed. After manually closing the notification bar once, it will be kept closed from all the pages. (New feature)
  • Set how many times the notification should be shown
  • Shortcode generator for classic editor
  • Promo Banner Gutenberg Block (New feature)
  • Promo Banner Image Gutenberg Block (New feature)
  • Customize mobile device breakpoint
  • Show countdown into the notification bar
  • Countdown feature with lots of customization options
  • Countdown block for the Gutenberg editor

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6. Notification for WooCommerce

Notification for WooCommerce

Notification for WooCommerce is a WooCommerce extension that helps you create social proof about a busy store. WooCommerce Notification displays recent orders on your storefront. It’s the online equivalent of a busy store and shows prospective customers that other people are buying your products.


  • Display recent WooCommerce orders: the plugin will take the information about WooCommerce orders to display. This is the “real order” options. You can select a time to pick up orders. In the last 30 days for example.
  • Display virtual orders: Do you want to increase the sale of some specific products? Do you want to introduce some new product to customers? WooCommerce Notification may help you with the fake orders feature.
  • Desktop: display order notification pop-ups on desktop.
  • Mobile: display order notification pop-upson mobile.
  • Multiple WooCommerce Notification messages: You can add and configure as many WooCommerce Notification messages as you want. Each message will be displayed on a different single pop-up.
  • Shortcode: Use the shortcodes to configure your messages. The system will get this information from your orders or create it automatically on WooCommerce Notification
  • Current product: in single product pages, the plugin will display on sale notification of the current product or products in the same categories.
  • Background color: change the background color of the pop-up.
  • 22 built-in templates: The plugin provides 22 pop-up templates for you to change the front-end of WooCommerce Notification. So you can make the pop-up fit with your website design.
  • Position: select the pop-up position on front-end bottom left, bottom right, top left and top right.
  • Image Position: select to display the product image on the left or right side of the pop-up.
  • Border-radius: select the border radius of the pop-up.
  • Appear/disappear effect: choose the appear/disappear effect of the sale notification pop-up.
  • Custom CSS: an option allows you to enter your own CSS code to change the front-end of the notification pop-up.
  • AJAX loading: Using AJAX to load pop-up. The pop-up will be loaded after your site finish loading and will not affect your site loading speed.
  • Easy to use

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7. Notibar – Notification Bar for WordPress

Notibar Notification Bar for WordPress

This plugin adds a top notification bar to indicate significant announcements on your website. It’s easy for you to set it as a sticky header to be visible when scrolling. The Dismiss button can be disabled, closed permanently, or toggled so that your visitors can easily find it again.

Instant Live Preview mode helps you see how every setting affects the notification bar before you publish it.

This is a great top bar for all preferential notices you might need in the incoming holidays, COVID-19 updates and events of all kinds.


  • Designed with clean UI & modern style
  • Display in absolute or fixed positioning
  • Custom color, text, click-to-action
  • Various notice bar style presets
  • Set text container width and alignment
  • Actions for Dismiss button: disable, toggle, close for good
  • WYSIWYG visual banner editor with live preview
  • Display on all pages/posts or specific page/post ID

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8. Sitewide Notice WP

Sitewide Notice WP

A lightweight plugin that simply adds a small notification bar that allows you to insert simple text at the bottom of every page of your website as a call-to-action.


  • Lightweight code that does not slow down your website.
  • Choose color of font. (Includes transparency).
  • Choose color of background for the bar. (Includes transparency).
  • Add your own text to the message bar.
  • Users are able to close the bar by clicking on the ‘x’.
  • When a user closes the bar, automatically hide this notification bar for 24 hours.
  • Show/hide notice bar with a checkbox.
  • HTML code supported.
  • Hide sitewide message on mobile devices.
  • Hide sitewide message for logged in users.
  • Show notification bar either on top or on the bottom of the screen.

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9. Announcer – Notification & message bars

Announcer – Notification & message bars

With Announcer plugin you can add beautiful and professional-looking notification bars to your website. You can display custom message you want like promotions, cookie usage notes, welcome notes, privacy policy notes, etc. You can use this to increase user engagement in your website or boost sales and services.


  • Create multiple announcements.
  • Supports stacking if there is more than one announcement on one page.
  • Schedule announcements for a date-time range including timezone.
  • Supports both fixed and sticky bars.
  • Call-To-Action buttons.
  • Add messages to both top and bottom positions.
  • Re-display messages or hide permanently using cookies.
  • Insert any content into announcement message like forms, images, and shortcodes.
  • Can use shortcodes in messages.
  • Create rules and Conditionally display announcements based on page.
  • Responsive first design and works well on smaller/mobile screens.
  • Multiple layout options, colors to choose and customize the announcements.
  • Automatic display based on time/page scroll.
  • Open/close animations.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • No coding knowledge required.
  • Translation ready.
  • Clean and lightweight plugin.
  • GDPR complaint.

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10. Easy Notification Bar

Easy Notification Bar

Easily add a custom top bar notification message to on your site with live customization options via the WordPress customizer. The plugin allows you to enter your notification bar text as well as an optional button to display next to your text. Perfect for notifying visitors of a current sale, hot product, warnings or other important messages.


  • Sitewide (or homepage only) top notification bar.
  • Easy setup via the WordPress customizer.
  • Optional close icon.
  • Optional sticky display.
  • Custom background, color, text alignment and font size settings.
  • Optional callout button.
  • Responsive design so it looks good on mobile.
  • Minimal code.
  • Vanilla Javascript used for close icon (jQuery not needed).

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There are many free notification plugins around but it’s hard to find the 10 best notification plugins for WordPress. The featured plugins above almost all have both pros and cons, depending on their users’ needs. There is no single plugin that can cover all your blog notification needs.

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