Easy & Smart Pregnancy Calculator For WordPress

If you are pregnant and want to share your pregnancy progress with family and friends, this is the perfect plugin for you.

The Smart Pregnancy Calculator allows you to calculate the estimated due date and conception date of the baby, and keep a track of the weeks and months that have gone by since their last fertilization. This way, you can easily see how far into your gestational period they are — without having to do any complicated math or look at a calendar.

All you have to do is copy and paste a shortcode into a WordPress post or page, and you have a fully functional pregnancy calculator.

How to use it:

1. Install and activate the Smart Pregnancy Calculator plugin.

2. Use the following shortcode in your posts or page to put the Pregnancy Calculator.



Easy & Smart Pregnancy Calculator For WordPress

Download WordPress Plugin:

You can download this free WordPress plugin using the download button below. Unless otherwise stated, the WordPress plugin is available under GNU General Public License.

Author: Hayat Developers

Homepage: https://wordpress.org/plugins/smart-pregnancy-calculator/

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