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Post List Designer is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin which enables you to display all the post (or posts in specific categories) in an elegant list view with shortcode.

You can config the plugin to display the post list with or without authors, dates, tags, descriptions, category names and pagination links.

Ideal for an elegant front page for your WordPress website.

The plugin current comes with 2 styles:

1. List view 1:

Display Posts In An Elegant List View Style 1-min

2. List View 2:

Display Posts In An Elegant List View Style 2-min

How to use it:

1. The fast way to install the plugin is to search, install, and activate the plugin from your admin page.

2. You can also download the plugin, and upload, install, activate the plugin manually.

3. Create a new Page or post, and insert the following shortcode into the textarea.


Display Posts In An Elegant List View Shortcode-min

4. That’s it. To customize the post list view, pass the following parameters of your choice to the shortcode.

  • [pld_post_list limit=”10"]: sets the maximum number of posts to display per page
  • [pld_post_list category=”category_id”]: only displays the posts in these categories
  • [pld_post_list design=”design-1"]: display mode, ‘design-1’ or ‘design-2’
  • [pld_post_list show_author=”false”]: whether to display the author name, default: true
  • [pld_post_list show_content=”false” ]: whether to display short content, default: true
  • [pld_post_list show_date=”false”]: whether to display the publish date, default: true
  • [pld_post_list show_category_name=”false” ]: whether to display the category name, default: true
  • [pld_post_list content_words_limit=”50" ]: sets the max length of short content, default: 20
  • [pld_post_list show_tags=”true”]: whether to display the tag name, default: true
  • [pld_post_list pagination=”true”]: whether to display the pagination, default: true
  • [pld_post_list pagination_type=”prev-next”]: ‘numeric’ OR “prev-next’

Download WordPress Plugin:

You can download this free WordPress plugin using the download button below. Unless otherwise stated, the WordPress plugin is available under GNU General Public License.

Author: Plugin & Play

Homepage: https://wordpress.org/plugins/post-list-designer/

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