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PageEditor is a free graphical, modular, drag-and-drop website content building plugin for WordPress. Built with a modular structure, PageEditor is designed to be flexible, customizable and scalable as it is developed further in the future.

The goal of this plugin to produce an intuitive and powerful website content editor that will hopefully one day give thousands of people the tools they need to build complex and beautiful WordPress websites.

Available Modules:

  • row: A sizable, orderable row of columns. Divides the page width into columns which can contain other elements.
  • group: Contains a collection of other elements, grouped together such that they can be moved as a group.
  • text-block: Allows paragraphs of text to be inserted into the page.
  • button: A clickable button that links to a web page. Customise the color, size, style etc.
  • dropzone: Drop’n’drag file uploader. Allows users of your website to upload files by simply dragging files into a dropzone. You can specify what to do with the files once they are dropped in.
  • empty-space: An empty space with a custom height. Add an empty space between other elements.
  • google-adsense: Display Google AdSense adverts on your website. This module allows you to position and resize Google AdSense adverts in your pages. You must register an account with Google AdSense for this module to work correctly.
  • google-map: Embed a Google Map into your page. Simply enter the address and select the style and size of your map.
  • heading: A custom title / header. Allows you to customise the text, size, HTML tag and style of the heading.
  • icon: Selection of icons. Choose the icon, color, size, background shape etc
  • image: Display an image. Select an image from your WordPress media library.
  • image-carousel: An image slideshow. Select your images and create a carousel of images.
  • image-compare: Compare two images with a siding slide by side comparison. Ideal for ‘before’ and ‘after’ images.
  • message-box: Display an alert / message. Customise the text, icon and message box style.
  • panel: A panel with a heading and content area that can contain other elements.
  • progress-bar: A horizontal progress bar. Select the percentage value, size, color and style of the progress bar.
  • raw-css: Allows custom CSS definitions to be inserted into the page.
  • raw-html: Allows HTML code to be inserted into the page. This allows the insertion of custom HTML.
  • raw-js: Allows JavaScript code to be inserted into the page. The JavaScript code will be run when the page is loaded.
  • separator: Similar to a horizontal rule or divider. Allows a line separator be be inserted between elements.
  • stage: Provides a stage to contain and highlight content.
  • tabs: Switch between content by selecting each tab.

How to use it:

1. Install the PageEditor plugin in your WordPress by search, install, and activate the plugin from admin panel.

2. Setup the plugin. Possible options:

  • Enable Footer Link: Show PageEditor link in the footer of your website.
  • Filter module stability: Filter the stability of modules that should be loaded (Production, Testing, or Developement)

Visual WordPress Page Content Editor - PageEditor-min

3. Enable/disable modules as per your needs.

Visual WordPress Page Content Editor - PageEditor Modules-min

4. Click the ‘Edit With PageEditor’ link in the admin bar to activate the ‘Edit’ mode on the current page.

Visual WordPress Page Content Editor - PageEditor Acitvate-min

5. Edit the website content using the options from the left sidebar.

Visual WordPress Page Content Editor - PageEditor Options-min

6. Save settings and publish your webpage. Done.

Download WordPress Plugin:

You can download this free WordPress plugin using the download button below. Unless otherwise stated, the WordPress plugin is available under GNU General Public License.

Author: PageEditor


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