10 Best WordPress Starter Themes For Faster Theme Development

Best WordPress Starter Themes

The First impression is the last impression same goes with your website.It is safe to say that you are simply beginning with WordPress topic advancement? WordPress Starter Theme enables you to begin with a strong establishment. In this article, we have hand-picked the best WordPress Starter Theme for subject engineers.

Envision you’re hoping to construct a shiny new auto without any preparation. Sounds truly threatening right? Presently you’re imagined that extraordinary compared to other auto organizations on the planet is giving you a free “starter” auto. They’ve manufactured the auto utilizing a very long time of training and experience. It’s a complete working auto, it simply doesn’t have any outline or hues connected to it. You have to paint it and settle on some setup decisions.

A WordPress starter theme is precisely similar to that auto. It’s a completely useful WordPress subject that simply should be styled and arranged. When I started planning our first WordPress formats path in 2008 there wasn’t much to help in the beginning periods of the procedure.

10. Hijinks


A great starter blank theme using basic HTML5 and semantic elements without the fluff. Includes commonly used WordPress functions.

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9. Bootstrap 3 Starter Theme

Bootstrap 3 Starter Theme

A modern, responsive, open-source WordPress starter theme based on Twitter’s Bootstrap 3 framework.

  • Simple, intuitive, clean code.
  • CSS, JS, functions and template parts are organized into different folders.
  • Bootstrap 3.3.5 – CSS and JS enqueued. You can simply swap the default Bootstrap 3 files (included) for a custom made Bootstrap 3, and this theme will still work.
  • jQuery enqueued (from WordPress).
  • A starter CSS theme – css/bst.css, enqueued. (Don’t put your own styles in style.css.)
  • Visual editor stylesheet – into which the same Bootstrap 3 and starter CSS theme are preloaded by @import, so that what you see in the visual editor is (mostly!) what you get at the front end (WYSI(M!)WYG). E.g. you will see the theme’s typpography in the WordPress Post/Page editor, but its width will not be the same as your article column width in the front end.
  • Two WordPress menu positions in the Bootstrap navbar (in .navbar-left and .navbar-right).
  • Optional search form built into the navbar.
  • Bootstrap pagination ( e.g. 1 | 2 | 3 | Older ->) for Blog index and category pages.

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8. cornerstone


Yet another responsive and SEO-friendly WordPress starter theme based on the famous ZURB Foundation framework.

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7. Bootstrap 4 Starter Theme

Bootstrap 4 Starter Theme

A Simple, intuitive, Bootstrap 4 starter theme for WordPress.

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6. Mattbanks Starter Theme

Mattbanks Starter Theme

A WordPress Starter Theme for use as a starting template for building custom themes. Uses SCSS and AutoPrefixr, HTML5 Boilerplate with Modernizr and Normalize.css, and Grunt for all processing tasks. Syncs changes across local development devices with BrowserSync.


  • Normalized stylesheet for cross-browser compatibility using Normalize.css version 3 (IE8+)
  • Easy to customize
  • Flexible grid
  • Media Queries can be nested in each selector using SASS
  • SCSS with plenty of mixins ready to go
  • Grunt for processing all SASS, JavaScript, and images, and cross-device refreshing with BrowserSync
  • Much much more

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5. Tonik

Tonik is a WordPress Starter Theme which aims to modernize, organize and enhance some aspects of WordPress theme development.


  • ES6 for JavaScript
  • SASS preprocessor for CSS
  • Webpack for managing, compiling and optimizing theme’s asset files
  • Simple CLI for quickly initializing a new project
  • Ready to use front-end boilerplates for Foundation, Bootstrap, Bulma, and Vue
  • Utilizes PHP Namespaces
  • Simple Theme Service Container
  • Child Theme friendly Autoloader
  • Readable and centralized Theme Configs
  • Oriented for building with Actions and Filters
  • Enhanced Templating with support for passing data

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4. FoundationPress


FoundationPress is a WordPress starter theme based on Zurb Foundation front-end framework.


  • Semantic. Everything is semantic. You can have the cleanest markup without sacrificing the utility and speed of Foundation.
  • Responsive. You can build for small devices first. Then, as devices get larger and larger, layer in more complexity for a complete responsive design.
  • Customizable. You can customize your build to include or remove certain elements, as well as define the size of columns, colors, font size and more.
  • Professional. Millions of designers and developers depend on Foundation. We have business support, training and consulting to help grow your product or service.

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3. Bones


Bones is a Mobile-First, Responsive WordPress starter theme designed to make the life of developers easier. It’s built using HTML5 & has a strong semantic foundation.


  • Comes loaded with Sass.
  • Built for speed.
  • Responsible fallbacks.
  • Custom Post Types & Custom Dashboard Functions Preloaded.
  • Totally free.

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2. Underscores


A Starter Theme for WordPress.


  • A just right amount of lean, well-commented, modern, HTML5 templates.
  • A helpful 404 template.
  • An optional sample custom header implementation in inc/custom-header.php.
  • Custom template tags in inc/template-tags.php that keep your templates clean and neat and prevent code duplication.
  • Some small tweaks in inc/template-functions.php that can improve your theming experience.
  • A script at js/navigation.js that makes your menu a toggled dropdown on small screens (like your phone), ready for CSS artistry.
  • 2 sample CSS layouts in layouts/ for a sidebar on either side of your content.
  • Smartly organized starter CSS in style.css that will help you to quickly get your design off the ground.

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1. Sage

Wordpress Themes Built with Sage

Sage is the most popular WordPress starter theme with a modern development workflow.


  • Advanced front-end workflow. Write stylesheets with Sass, automatically check your JavaScript for errors, optimize images, enable synchronized browser testing, and more with our Webpack based setup.
  • Bootstrap 4, Foundation, and more. Sage comes with the latest version of Bootstrap. Replace Bootstrap with Bulma, Foundation, Tachyons, or a blank slate upon installation.
  • DRY templates with Blade.

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Final Thoughts:

You typically just began starting with no outside help or changed over some HTML to WordPress. That is altogether changed with the coming of WordPress starter theme.

On the off chance that this is your first time planning your own WordPress theme you ought to utilize a starter topic. Try not to try and mull over it. You can truly use a long time of diligent work and get a better than average comprehension of WordPress theme configuration best practices.

Beginning with Underscores is extraordinarily simple. Go to the site, type a name for your theme, and you have the WordPress starter theme of your choice in front of you.